Reel Hot
Ceilidh Peppers

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About us

The Reel Hot Ceilidh Peppers is a five piece barn dance and ceilidh band based in South Staffordshire. We have many years experience providing barn dances and ceilidhs, and a passion for all things relating to folk music and dancing.

Below is a little more about us and the paths that led us to the Reel Hot Ceilidh Peppers.


Geoff has been involved in bands for quite a few years. He started playing in 1970 with a band named "Exhibit A". He became interested in folk music and dance and played for a number of years with Ceilidh band "Ragmans Trumpet". He joined the "Reel Hot Ceilidh Peppers" a few years ago and has never looked back. He likes to see people enjoying the music and the audience participation on the dance floor.


Karen teaches piano and keyboard and has run her own teaching practice since 1986. She has also taught these instruments at Maple Hayes School for over 20 years. She has been dancing since she was small child and, when younger, taught ballroom and Latin American dance, but the Reel Hot Ceilidh Peppers is her first barn dance band.

Karen is the local representative for one of the countries largest music examining boards. She still dances ballroom and Latin, as well as Argentine tango and is currently studying for an associate teacher qualification in ballroom dancing.


Drummer Noel is the newest member of the band. More details to follow shortly.


Peter has been folk dancing for 40 years and has been playing in ceilidh bands since 1981, including Bash Street Band and Jiggery Polkary. He started calling barn dances as an emergency stand-in nearly 30 years ago and has been doing it ever since. He has run dance workshops at a variety of events, including various festivals, Lichfield Fuse and Saltaire Day of Dance.

Peter is a member of Lichfield Morris Men and has danced with the “Heung Gong Gwoo Doi Ying Gwok Mo Tuen” (Hong Kong Morris!). He also dances ballroom, Latin American and Argentine tango and has a pre-associate qualification in ballroom dance.


Roger has played in many varied folk dance bands and also for Morris dancing. He plays mainly acoustic and electric fiddles as well as percussive bones. He has developed his own unique style of playing for dancing, creating lift and drive to enhance the dancers experience. He prefers English dance music but is quite at home playing Irish, Scottish and American styles.